Video Depositions

We use state of the art professional high definition tapeless cameras recording two separate streams so we always have a backup. Our workflow produces the cleanest MPEG video in the industry. We offer the ability for you to display any view able content on your iPad, laptop, or Elmo in the same frame as the witness. This is what we call a picture in picture deposition. We are not limited by using only one device and we have the capability of connecting all three at the same time if you so need it.


- Use TrialPad, GoodReader or your favorite app to interact with the witness.
- Visit websites.
- Google Earth for Locations and Intersections.
- Play video clips.
- 3D medical illustrations & Xrays.

HD Elmo

An HD Elmo is utilized to display documents photos or even 3D objects. Our system captures the witness as they view the items on the screen and our end result is in HD clarity.


Any Laptop with an HDMI or DVI output can be mixed with video of the witness. Trial Presentation software such as Visionary, Sanction or Trial Director can be utilized effectively to make your point. Anything you can view on your laptop can be displayed on the mixed video

Court Reporting

Raising the bar in the Deposition Services

The same standards as our specialty

We ensure our court reporters are some of the most skilled professionals in taking deposition testimony. Speed and reliability are the leading factors we look for in court reporters so we can get you your testimony as soon as possible.

What We Offer

• Experienced Reporters
• E-Transcripts available
• Realtime reporting
• Condensed transcripts with word index
• Transcript on Flash drives
• Interpreters
• Conference Rooms
• Civil Process subpoena service
• Document Scanning service

Trial Technology

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is a truly professional, cutting-edge presentation in trial worth? That is the million dollar question,literally. Scores of post-trial interviews with actual jurors in mock trials and focus groups have revealed that in many situations, it is not what was said, but what was visually presented that has the highest recall: (the “key” paragraph from a document, the “one” impeachment clip, etc.). As one juror from a trial that I recently completed said, “I recall more of the facts that he laid in front of us. It seems like I heard more argument - verbal argument - from the defense as opposed to paperwork that proved their point.” The role of properly prepared and displayed visual media can be the difference between winning and losing millions of dollars.

Making it Look Easy

Our experience in court has taught us exactly how to get things done efficiently. This experience supplemented with state of the art equipment and software is what helps us get the job done; and in many cases faster than you can imagine.


Always up for a challenge!

We have seen it all when it comes to digital files and if not we will figure it out. We can help you with any sort of conversion needed for use with your mac or windows computer.

“How do I open this stupid file!” – Someone in your office

Some of the things we Handle Daily

• Data conversion and transfer (Mac or Windows)
• Security Footage conversion
• Dashcam/ Bodycam Conversion
• DVD and Flashdrive Copies
• Video/Audio Adjustments
• Equipment Rental
• Tape Transfers
• Vehicle and Site Inspections
• Mediation Brochure and Day in the Life